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"In the past year since I've been coached by Shawna I have more confidence leading my team in developing new, innovative ideas in a shorter time by improving our focus and defining clearer goals. I also improved my presentation skills with better anecdotes and stories to capture my audience's attention and keep their awareness to the products I am selling. I look forward to learning new skills with Shawna's vast knowledge as a coach and peer."

William Raczkowski


“Shawna tapped right into our key business points and the topics that are important to us plus it was Stimulating with a capital “S”!
Michalene Tomczyk, Customer Service manager Nike Golf


“One year and four months later and you’re still making an impact. That’s an accomplishment not many speakers can honestly claim; but you can.”
Skott Pope, Washington Credit Union League


“World class presenter and perfect for our 600 members” Mike Walsh, President High Performers International


“CYUY (Create Your Ultimate Year) is like going to the gym but instead of working my body I’m working on my whole life goal achievement. It’s the best investment of my time.” Steve Kaller, CEO Ultimate New Home Sales

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Get the Monday Mindset - & Start your week off well!
Brought to you with joy by -Shawna Schuh & Women in the Pet Industry Network -

You’ve probably heard this fact:

People don’t quit because of pay or benefits, they quit because they don’t like who they work for.

It’s true – and costs companies thousands of dollars annually in hiring, replacing and training new people who then leave for the same reasons.

Have you ever heard anything like this:

  • “It’s so inconsistent around here – leadership is forever changing their minds.”
  • “No one tells us anything.”
  • “Would it kill someone to share a bit of the praise? It’s not like they landed the account alone!”
  • “Listening is not my manager’s greatest skill.”
  • “It’s okay for them to miss a meeting with me – so why should I care.”
  • “What they expect from others is not what I see them do.”
  • “Do they not know how rude that is?”

Working with Shawna from a coaching perspective has made me a better leader. 
Shawna has helped open my eyes to the power of “focusing on what you want to happen, rather than on what you don’t want to happen.”
It’s truly amazing to see how quickly that simple change in focus moves you from a follower to a leader.

Michael E. Fincher
Senior Manager | Deloitte Tax LLP

Why not address the issue at the source and get your top team some executive communication coaching with People Skills Expert Shawna Schuh, CSP?

Note: If you think you don’t have any improvements to make on your People Skills – Call right away! 503-970-5774

Here are some results Shawna’s clients attain:

  • Clarification of goals
  • New thinking around intent and interactions
  • Taking ownership
  • Increased responsibility for relational results
  • Clearer communication
  • Consistency building
  • Sincerity in praise sharing
  • Eradicating weenie words
  • Shifting poor communication habits
  • Listening skills
  • Written communication tweaks
  • Leadership focus

Most successful people have had a coach or a mentor to guide them to leverage their strengths and to reach their true potential.  Shawna Schuh has mentored me, believed in me, and challenged me to be more. She has inspired and guided me to focus and follow through on my goals, to build stronger & more rewarding relationships and to turn change into progress.  When you stop to think about it...coaching with Shawna just makes sense.

Kevin Dier, Johnstone Supply


Also – as part of the Executive Coaching process –
Each coachee is invited to partake in the following to accelerate your growth:

  • Monthly teleseminar on topics to increase your people skills
  • Monthly group goal review – with Shawna on the phone – end of month and very powerful
  • Monday through Friday Daily Doses as a constant reminder of new behaviors
  • Ezines on relevant topics
  • Book suggestions and articles of interest

Also: For those wanting immediate improvement and with strong commitment: You are invited to join the 5:15 Team – That’s 5:15 in the MORNING. (More on that when you call if you’re interested)

Call now to set up your FREE STRATEGY SESSION with Shawna: 503-970-5774 or email Shawna at and let’s get started!

Note: There are only so many slots available for executive coaching – so call now to determine if this is a good fit for you. 503-970-5774

Your ideas on compliments were the most fascinating and putting them into play this week has already been eye-opening.
I look forward to utilizing more of your information in the future.
Michelle Behr
Business Developer
Express Employment Professionals

Shawna Schuh, Certified Speaking Professional

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