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"In the past year since I've been coached by Shawna I have more confidence leading my team in developing new, innovative ideas in a shorter time by improving our focus and defining clearer goals. I also improved my presentation skills with better anecdotes and stories to capture my audience's attention and keep their awareness to the products I am selling. I look forward to learning new skills with Shawna's vast knowledge as a coach and peer."

William Raczkowski


“Shawna tapped right into our key business points and the topics that are important to us plus it was Stimulating with a capital “S”!
Michalene Tomczyk, Customer Service manager Nike Golf


“One year and four months later and you’re still making an impact. That’s an accomplishment not many speakers can honestly claim; but you can.”
Skott Pope, Washington Credit Union League


“World class presenter and perfect for our 600 members” Mike Walsh, President High Performers International


“CYUY (Create Your Ultimate Year) is like going to the gym but instead of working my body I’m working on my whole life goal achievement. It’s the best investment of my time.” Steve Kaller, CEO Ultimate New Home Sales

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Keynote Edition clips

When We Get Slimed

New Thinking Around "No"

The Holstein Story

Audience Participation

Tiny Things, Big Differences

Fall Back In Love

The Calf Won't Go!

The Ask Equation

Going To The Fair

Preparation & Persistence

When Life Happens

Extra Prepared

Lessons From Showbiz

It's Who You Know

The Final Story

Clips are from the Keynote Edition DVD

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Shawna Schuh, Certified Speaking Professional

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