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"In the past year since I've been coached by Shawna I have more confidence leading my team in developing new, innovative ideas in a shorter time by improving our focus and defining clearer goals. I also improved my presentation skills with better anecdotes and stories to capture my audience's attention and keep their awareness to the products I am selling. I look forward to learning new skills with Shawna's vast knowledge as a coach and peer."

William Raczkowski


“Shawna tapped right into our key business points and the topics that are important to us plus it was Stimulating with a capital “S”!
Michalene Tomczyk, Customer Service manager Nike Golf


“One year and four months later and you’re still making an impact. That’s an accomplishment not many speakers can honestly claim; but you can.”
Skott Pope, Washington Credit Union League


“World class presenter and perfect for our 600 members” Mike Walsh, President High Performers International


“CYUY (Create Your Ultimate Year) is like going to the gym but instead of working my body I’m working on my whole life goal achievement. It’s the best investment of my time.” Steve Kaller, CEO Ultimate New Home Sales

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Get the Monday Mindset - & Start your week off well!
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Do you want the most effective workforce?

Then Conquer Apathy & Erase the Rude!
Shawna Schuh
The Challenge...

Breakthrough thinking and commitment must be found within the people hired with developing, manufacturing, managing, marketing and selling today's products and services. Helping people find their energy and focus is the greatest growth strategy of all. For decades businesses struggled to produce greater result with fewer resources. Short-sighted and temporary answers were sought in reengineering processes and cost-cutting strategies - all costly initiatives that quickly hit a point of diminishing return.

The Solution...

Shawna Schuh brings a proven strategy that uplifts and empowers people to discover for themselves the abundant opportunities that exist for them and their organization. The unyielding stress found in most workplaces and an unhealthy culture of discontent and discouragement is something we must combat before it drains productivity and profitability even further.

The Results...

When people are inspired to the point of voluntary improvement the results are immediate and dramatic.; The magic and power of this change lies in the fact that people volunteer for sustained improvement. Real and enduring change must come from within and getting that to happen is what Shawna Schuh knows how to do better than anyone!

Shawna Schuh is an extraordinary storyteller and a topnotch comic presence with extensive expertise in Finesse and Etiquette, Motivation and Communication all delivered with high humor, high energy and in high heels. You are guaranteed a high impact experience!




Shawna Schuh, Certified Speaking Professional

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