Helping Leaders Evolve

Through Executive Coaching

As a Leader, Do You...

… wish you had a trusted advisor objectively invested in your success?

… want to build a stronger culture with long-term retention in mind?

… thrive when you have a sounding board for big-picture, strategic thinking?

… need to find ways to save more time in your day?

… look for ways to eliminate blindspots and increase your own clarity? 


What if you had a leadership coach in your corner who supercharges your productivity, improves your decision making, and serves as your own confidential advisor?

Benefits of Leadership Coaching

Your Clarifying Call

The first step is to set up an exploratory call. On this call, we’ll work together to uncover constraints and clarify goals, then we’ll define next steps.

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Shawna Schuh

Leadership Coach and Speaker

Leaders invest in technology, tools and human resources to get results. Yet many aren’t investing in their greatest asset, themselves, and sometimes their teams. 

From shame about needing help to feeling like at this level you ought to have it fingered out by now stops you from gaining an edge, and is counter-productive. 

With time being the biggest determination in most people’s lives, isn’t it strategic to invest in something no market or disaster can rob? 

You will save both time and money when you do the work to make yourself and your organization clear communicators who focus solely on what you want and how to get it. 

What My Clients are Saying

By eliminated the beliefs that were unconsciously sabotaging our efforts my team gained cohesion, and was better able to work together towards a common goal. 


Shawna has helped me look at my business with fresh eyes. I now know better techniques for leading my team more quickly and efficiently. 

Julie Holmes, Unique Products

Shawna keeps me on the highway of progress like no other. I highly recommend working with Shawna to anyone hoping to achieve their greatest dreams and goals.

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