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Why You're Here

Star Trek is a favorite of mine. Something about the call to “Boldly go where no one has gone before” rings my bell. These shows are about seeking, learning, growing, and being courageous. If you’re reading this I’m thinking that’s you, too. 

You stepped up, you got the job done, you accept responsibility and you dig what you do. Why didn’t anyone tell you how isolated, how stressful, or how freaking hard it would be?

And who can you talk to when you’re feeling overwhelmed? Certainly not anyone who isn’t in your position, and those that are might judge you or worse – think you’re weak. 

So you suck it up, you do your job, you sometimes allow people to breathe and sometimes you breathe down their necks. You know you’re inconsistent and if you’re honest you know sometimes you’re a little harsh. You don’t mean to be, it just goes with the stress.

Isn’t it time to find an advocate?

Improvement is an evolutionary process better served with a guide.


The Difference You'll Feel

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Heavens, what the heck am I doing?” I feel you. My first leadership position happened when I was young enough to go for it, and old enough to know those “mature” people I was leading had a lot to teach. 

They say that leadership is not given, it’s assumed. Whoever they are…

Assuming “They” are correct, I assumed leadership roles from school-age onward, and have never not been in some sort of responsible position. That’s why I started studying leadership early and have never stopped.

Leaders thrive with an advocate who questions their thinking, and I am uniquely qualified to do that for you. From the role of Regional Director of Fashion Group International to President of Women in the Pet Industry Network, you’ll find I understand the challenges you face.

Since questions are key clink this link to get a weekly question to spark your thinking. 

Shawna Schuh

"If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader." - Dolly Parton


What We Can Do Together

Studying leadership is a good strategy however being a leader has a whole other dimension to it. People are depending on you to make the call, set the pace, and model the behavior and yet, who teaches this stuff? How do I do it? 

I do.

In 2006 I created and delivered a monthly program called, Create Your Ultimate Year because I couldn’t find anything like it. 

What this program taught me is that we do indeed create whatever we think, say and act upon. What it also taught me is that most people don’t think as well as they could, rarely say what they mean, and don’t take the actions required.

Years of working with smart, successful professionals has shown me how vital it is to have an advocate in your corner and I”m honored to be that for my clients. Many work with me for years while they continue to further evolve and prosper.


"The laughter and energy from an expert at a live company event is unmatched in building company culture." - Shawna Schuh


Let's Create Your Future

Easy steps to increase your skills:

STEP 1: Check out the pre-reading to spark your thinking.

STEP 2: Watch the TEDx talk above to experience my style or click here.

STEP 3: Schedule a clarifying call to see how this works.

STEP 4: Embark on the best leadership adventure ever.

I would be honored to work with you.

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