Follow the Leader: Suzanne Brean, My little dog training biz

Susan Brean is a super lady, she has been someone I turn to for help and ideas. You will love reading about her because she’s the real deal when it comes to caring for and training a pet. Follow this leader! Since she is one lovely lady and exemplifies how continual education is key to […]

Leader Feature: Howard Nestell, Elaine’s Pet Resort

You are going to love this interview with Howard from Elaine’s Pet Resort. He’s not only humble and handsome, he will redefine the idea of what retirement is for you! Plus, the business is family run including his mom (85-years-young), and was built out of necessity. Enjoy and let me know you did! Be seen, […]

Leader Feature: Lisa Blaurock, Affordable Allergy Test

If you have ever wondered, “Why do I feel this way physically?” you will love reading Lisa Blaurock’s story about how she learned about allergy testing, and how to make it affordable. These tests helped her, her daughter and her pets! This story will inspire you to do the testing that will help you, your human family and […]

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Leader Feature

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Leader Feature to check in with you. Does it feel like the world flipped over on it’s side this past weekend? Wow! Our focus is YOU. To that end let’s do two things: Connect with each other. You are not alone. We are here, and so are the other members. Use this […]

Leader Feature: Kathy Tsai, Petique

In today’s leader’s profile, Kathy Tsai who owns Petique, shares how dogs came late to her in life. It happened because of her mom, and how her mom feels now (maybe you will be able to relate). However, the really amazing thing about Kathy is — not only is she helping pets but she is helping the environment […]

Leader Feature: David Blake, Blue-9

You will enjoy learning about David Blake of Blue-9 Pet Products. His company is experiencing explosive growth and he sells out of his project at nearly every show they attend. Watch and learn how he thinks and attracts good talent to work with him. Also check out his impressive product Klimb. I’m using mine to teach […]

Leader Feature: Lynnette SanMiguel, King Kanine

Lynnette is cool and willing to grow and share. Plus, don’t you love the name King Kanine? I know my canine believes he’s the king! Lynette has a good handle on leadership, and helping her team. Find out why she is successful, and a top woman in the pet industry. Not yet a member? Join […]

Leader Feature: Joanne Morris, CKO, Morris Animal Inn

Joanne got roped into this short interview by her dad, ever have that happen? I’m so glad she did. Joanne is a lovely woman who is running a third-generation business, and shares a nugget we’ve not heard before. Click here to view it now. Not yet a member? Join today and connect with successful women like […]

Leader Feature: Jodi Ross, Pet Rescue RX

This week’s leader is doing something amazing for pets, and the people who love them. If your pets need meds, you will definitely enjoy what this innovative company is doing. Get them on your radar; you’ll be glad you did. Not yet a member? Join today and connect with successful women like Jodi Ross. Become […]

Leader Feature: Alisha Navarro, 2 Hounds Design

Gushing about someone I adore and admire is easy. Alisha Navarro is a superstar and reading about her will inspire you. You can feel her passion for her business in this profile. Do yourself a favor and read it. Not yet a member? Join today and connect with successful women like Alisha Navarro. Become a member […]