We’ve been studying the business philosopher, Jim Rohn on the Monday through Friday accountability call I lead at 5:15 am. I admire and enjoy this topic so want to share some insights with you.
Jim Rohn has some quotes that really startle you, or, rather, what is more true is that — they startle me.
When something startles me I like to stop and pay attention.
Here’s the quote that did it this time.
“Days are expensive. When you spend a day you have one less day to spend. So make sure you spend each one wisely.” 
This quote implies, and rightly so that days are numbered and diminishing as they go by. There are only so many days in life. We don’t know how many we are allotted but they are not endless.
Once a business colleague who is well over a decade ahead of me mentioned that he had determined how many more summers seemed likely for his life. When he realized there were probably around 20 to 30 good ones, he decided then and there that no summer would pass without joy and adventure.
Breaking it not into years, but into summers did it for him.
What does thinking about the expense of a day do for you?
And an idea that may be of value to you is to rate your days with this question:
“Did I spend this day well?” 
That would be a yes or no answer –  or a percentage since most days are filled with both amazement as well as the mundane.
And the second question for your day is:
“How can I spend tomorrow better?” 
Lastly, only you can determine how to spend a day, what to invest in, relish or endure. However, when you count the cost of a day and remember you will never get it back, you might consider being more deliberate in your thinking and planning.
Today, I spent time writing this for you. There is a dog at my feet which I can rub and pet and pamper and who fills my heart with love and laughter.
Later, I will walk to the barn to be with the horses and, for certain, I will connect with both clients and friends.
And, I will probably waste time as well. Sigh, the goal from this day forward is to waste less, serve more and spread the word that days are diminishing, use them well! Won’t you help me?
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I adore you!

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