Do You Know Your Own Limitations?

Enhance communication.

Increase influence.

Gain an ally.

It's nearly impossible to see your own limitations:

  • Lack of leadership growth can stifle your organization
  • Isolation can be crippling to creative problem solving.
  • If you don’t grow how do you expect your team to grow?

One-on-one coaching with Shawna will:

Enhance communication skills.

Provide consistent accountability.

Give you a confidential ally.

"I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities." Bob Nardelli

Shawna Schuh

As your coach...

I will guide you to uncover and conquer your unconscious sabotage points, and limiting beliefs.

Provide you with new leadership skills that help you gain more influence.

Challenge you to reach for higher levels of communication results.

And give you the consistent accountability you need to thrive.

How you get started

Step 1: Set up an exploratory call.  

Step 2: Uncover constraints and unconscious sabotage.

Step 3: Define what you want and how you clearly communicate it.

Step 4: Receive customized tools.

Step 5: Achieve dramatic results.

"When someone listens to the things you don’t say, amazing questions arise that give you unimagined clarity." Shawna Schuh

What My Clients are Saying

By eliminated the beliefs that were unconsciously sabotaging our efforts my team gained cohesion, and was better able to work together towards a common goal. 


Shawna has helped me look at my business with fresh eyes. I now know better techniques for leading my team more quickly and efficiently. 

Julie Holmes, Unique Products

Shawna keeps me on the highway of progress like no other. I highly recommend working with Shawna to anyone hoping to achieve their greatest dreams and goals.

Jeni Halliday, Halli-Loo

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