What is it that keeps you moving?
As a child I don’t think I was full of courage however my folks loved to show a photo of all of us working outside with me in a bonnet determinedly marching across the lawn. Their comment was, “Even then we knew you were going places!”
To me the thing that stands out is the bonnet. Being a redhead, I still wear a hat when outside in the sun, and when I’m moving. Movement is something I crave, do, love and I’m not talking physically, though that too.
When you work for yourself, at least for me, you experience a lot of times when you’re uncertain, when the path seems unclear, when you question your good sense. And what I’ve found to combat those times is movement forward.
This is how I do it – and I’d love to find out how you move forward too.

  1. Read/listen to something. I’m a huge fan of Audible.com – and I listen to interesting books nearly every day. (Great when cleaning stalls.) This moves my thinking forward, this gives me ideas and insights, this lets me tap the best minds in the world because they were so gracious as to write their thoughts down for me and you.
  2. Write something. You experience my movement here. I’m committed to writing, to improving my writing, to expand my skills and thinking so that those that read my thoughts are edified, including me.
  3. Experience something. Notice I did not say, watch something which is passive and not about movement. When you experience something you get your whole self involved. Animals do that for me and touch most if not all of my senses. I experience my dogs, cat, and horses by touching, playing and participating in activities together.

Is movement something we are born with? Of course it is, and yet, I also think it’s a choice we make daily. To read, write, experience, and give. These movements make us better, especially when we have a plan for them.
What movements are you doing every day? Email me and let me know, please.
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I adore you!

Shawna Schuh, CSP

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