Stagnation Thrives Without Positive Outside Influence

Energize your organization.

Gain usable skills.

Build camaraderie.

Stagnation and Boredom Thrive Without Positive Outside Influence:

  • Lackluster service is created when doing the same thing over and over.
  • Mistakes get repeated when beliefs fail to be questioned.
  • Company culture fizzles out without clear direction.

A live event with Shawna will:

Energize and inspire growth.

Increase overall performance.

Enhance trust.

"Nothing beats a live performance. Nothing." - Jonathan Demme

Shawna Schuh

As your speaker...

Having someone from the outside provide a mirror to your organization can be a catalyst for a whole new way of thinking.

Shawna has been inspiring and energizing audiences for over two decades.

Organizations bring her back again and again for her original stories, high energy, and thoughtful information.

How you get started

Step 1: Set up a call to explore your event goals.

Step 2:  Receive a customized presentation that will bring forth your desired results.

Step 3: Have the event to rave reviews, and experience increased results.

"The laughter and energy from an expert at a live company event is unmatched in building company culture." - Shawna Schuh

What My Clients are Saying

“World class presenter and perfect for our 600 members.”

Mike Walsh, President High Performers International

“Shawna tapped right into our key business points, and the topics that are important to us -plus it was Stimulating with a capital “S”!

Michalene Tomczyk, Customer Service manager Nike Golf

“Shawna keeps me on the highway of progress like no other. I highly recommend working with Shawna to anyone hoping to achieve their greatest dreams and goals.”

Skott Pope, Washington Credit Union League

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