Halloween is two days away and you may have already done your costume parties, or will do so this weekend. Dressing up as someone you are not is fun, freeing and says quite a bit about us as a society.
Halloween is the holiday American’s spend the most money on second only to Christmas, and it’s a dentists dream I imagine with the amazing amounts of candy consumed by, well, everyone.
For me, and to challenge you, what do you like or dislike most about it?
Since my goal is to focus on good over bad here are my top three:

  1. The changing of the seasons – in many parts of the world, and more and more here, rather than a holiday about ghosts and witches and magic, the celebration is about harvest and the changing of the seasons. By the end of October it really does feel like winter, at least in my part of the world.
  2. Dressing up – living in a world where we are getting more and more casual, and, dare I say, sloppy, makes dressing up a treat (pardon the pun). Taking the time to dress in costume is something to look forward to, pop us out of the norm, and play a character simply for the joy of it.
  3. Kids – the true darlings of this holiday are the little ones who are so excited to be their favorite movie hero or princess. The joy and elation is more fun to watch than nearly anything. My favorite Halloween activity is parking myself with a front row seat in a small downtown cafe, and watching all the kids stroll by.

What do you think of this holiday, and what do you do to prepare or capitalize on it in your business?
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I adore you!

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