When I announced that this week was the 50th week of the year to my accountability group, there was silence while that sunk in…

50 seems like a lot of weeks, doesn’t it? It is if you use them well – like all of life right? Here are a few things that can help you to not be quite so startled next year at this time if you put them into practice.

Track your progress – this is a key component in knowing you’re living well. I use several things that help me track –

     Wunderlist – I keep a running list of things I want to make sure I remember and to compete with myself.  Like the list of all the books I relished and read this year. In 2017 I relished 52 books (audio or on paper) and this year I’m at a whopping 62 with two more weeks to go.

     The 52 Week plan my team and I created – (We’ll be giving this out and using it during the Ultimate Leadership Adventure – click here to see what that’s about)

     Calendars – if you use one that works for you they become a wonderful journey down the road of your life – with key events noted – people and places visited.

     Journals – from a gratitude journal you keep daily, to the 10+ Journal – writing down your thoughts is a gift to both yourself and future generations.

Since we live in the digital age, the above list holds both digital and solid items – and this seems like the right mix. I keep my book list on my phone in the digital Wunderlist – if I lose it there is no sadness.

The Journals – especially the 10+ Journals are hard copy and written in ink – these will follow us, and hold some of our energy and imagination and can also be a legacy to our family. These items can be passed down, can be a placeholder when you’ve passed and a window into your evolution as a human.

What if you set up some systems to track your weeks in 2019? Maybe then on the 50th week next year, you will have at your fingertips the items for you to review and be satisfied with a year well lived.

We are focused on these items and many more to help you live your best life in the upcoming Ultimate Leadership Adventure that starts January 6th – Click here to see if this is right for you.

Blessings,Shawna Schuh, CSP  Serving Leaders Who Ignite Others 
Executive Coaching, Speaking, Columnist and Author

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