Did you steal a gift this Christmas yet?

You may have played the Christmas Stealing game already – where everyone brings a wrapped gift and everyone takes a number and as things are opened, you can steal one or pick an unwrapped one.

Which is the best number to have? First or last? Last night I found out…

There were 25 of us participating in the stealing game and it was fascinating to watch how things played out and I realize now it may have been even more interesting to have not participated and simply observed.

I say that because once we put ourselves in the running, once our own emotions get involved, our perspective changes, or at least it does for me.

How does this apply to business?

When we are thinking about our own gains – we often times forget how another is feeling or that they have as great a desire as we do.

Let’s face it if you are the one stealing the gift it feels good to you and pretty bad for the one whose gift just got taken. So when you have a customer in front of you, can you shift from a win/lose to win/win?  You do that by asking more questions and paying attention to how important the deal your making is.

Example – if your product or service is something they really want however it’s a bit too costly for them, or they feel somehow pressured, you may win but if they feel they have lost it may be the only win you receive.

Last night I was the last number – I stole something wonderful and was pleased with myself – never thinking of the person I stole it from and I don’t remember what she got or did because just as I was looking over my gift it seems that number 1 gets to be the last true pick and she came right up to me and stole away my steal – and the game ends with the last steal getting whatever number one had.

In a matter of moments, I was the stealer, the stolen and then the recipient of something undesired (which is the fun and risk of the game after all).

What it taught me however is that as a business owner – it’s smart to think more strategically and work more towards easing others feelings and desires than my own.

Next week is Christmas – and many gifts will be exchanged and given and received. For me to have an even better experience, I intend to focus on helping others feel more loved and valued and remember that things don’t care who possesses them, so neither will I.

On behalf of myself and everyone on the Schuh Crew – We Wish you A Very Merry Christmas!

I would love to give you the gift a some of my time.

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Merry Christmas!

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