Is the Strategy To Improve Your Top Team Working?

Create leadership culture.

Achieve deeper engagement.

Produce verified results.

High performers can falter when moved into leadership roles:

  • High achievers get moved to leadership often without getting the skills that accompany the title.
  • When someone moves up they often lose their confidence.
  • Leading past co-workers can bring drama and unintended tension.

Top team coaching with Shawna will:

Improve confidence and skills.

Promote excellence.

Enhance creativity and solution finding.

"Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

Shawna Schuh

As your top team coach...

Having someone from the outside provide a mirror to your organization can be the catalyst for a whole new way of thinking.

Shawna has been inspiring and energizing audiences for over two decades. 

Organizations bring her back again and again for her original stories, high energy, and thought providing information.When gathering the top tier players, oftentimes there is posturing and domineering behaviors people rarely realize. 

When you bring in an expert guide/skill builder everyone can relax and focus on the objectives they help create. 


Shawna works with the top team to spark ideas, develop systems for success and allow all players to bring their best selves forward.

How you get started

Step 1: Set up a call to discuss your top team’s goals. 

Step 2: Determine your level of commitment to providing your top team with skills to become self-managed leaders.

Step 3: Schedule your first top team meeting for total buy in and best practice sharing.

Step 4: Have the event to rave reviews, and achieve verifiable results.

"Melding a leadership team to work collaboratively is better when there is an outside guide." - Shawna Schuh

What My Clients are Saying

Dear Shawna,

I must provide this wonderful update on my team’s success since working with you last month.

There were several customer issues they were dealing with daily and I understand you worked through many of them (loved the super memorable role play). They brought you their biggest challenges and got excited by their own ability to solve them – which they are doing!

I asked my Customer Service Manager about the outcome and she stated that, after two weeks, the ROI was measurable – significantly! Thank you for helping my team and my company become more successful.

JoAnn Williams CCRM, MCSP
Founder, President and CEO JWilliams Staffing

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