December is fraught with decisions:

How much should I spend on client gifts?

How should I recognize my team and make them feel valued?

Should I buy everyone a gift, or is a gift certificate okay?

Do we include spouses at the party, and what about those without one?

How do I know what to get someone? 

These decisions can make a pretty stressful month even more so. If you are finished with your Christmas shopping, bravo. I’d love to hear your strategies on the above!
So instead of all the “What should I do’s?” rattling around in your head, what if you focused instead on what you are certain of, and stay focused on that?
A few ideas:
I’m certain I can be kind to everyone I encounter. On the road, at the stores and especially those I serve.
I’m certain I can give more cheer. Through a positive word, recognition of tasks well done, and admiration of those doing extra.
I’m certain that whatever I decide to do, give or participate in, doing it with the right intent – to be of service – will allow me to enjoy, rather than anguish, about this season.
Note: one way to make decisions easier is to have criteria determined before you need to make the decision.

Example #1:

Top clients receive X

Mid-tier clients receive Y

New clients receive Z

Example #2:

This is the allotted amount for the party. Why not allow the team to decide how it’s spent?
When you focus on what you are certain of, things seem to fall into place so much better. Don’t you agree?
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I adore you!

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