The last week of February, it feels like I just wrote the line, it’s the last week of January!

We are two months into 2021 –

Time to think, one month left in this first quarter, time to know if your new habits really turned into habits or are now in the “It was a good idea at the time” category.

What reminder can I give that will help you now?

How about that it’s good to have a stellar morning routine!

Mine has been with me quite a long while. I started getting up early to lead the Monday through Friday accountability call in 2006, and it’s served me and those on it through the years well. That’s one I’m keeping.

Cleaning my own horse stall is another daily task that I’m keeping and that serves me and my handsome steed. Going to the barn, interacting and connecting with another species that is as majestic as a horse, doing the manual labor of shoveling manure, emptying the wheelbarrow, setting up hay and grain. Working and grooming my horse. For me, it’s magical and wonderful and I do it daily.

What are a couple of habits/routines that you have that really work? Something you keep because you know that this thing you do daily sets you up for the future, keeps you sharp, and gives you pleasure?

Or, if this post sparked you, what can you add to your morning that will help you? Movement, creating something, a set time for learning?

Let me know, I’m a seeker of things that work. It will also allow me to know you better and maybe share these good habits with others.

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