The definition of reactive is showing a response to a stimulus. We react when something happens. Especially something unexpected.

When things aren’t going our way, or when things startle or challenge us. Most of us REACT.

If you’ve heard someone say something like, “Why do you have to react like that? Or “Please don’t get angry…” You may be known as a reactor.

A lot of how we’re trained and educated is about how to REACT when something happens.

Today, let’s challenge that.

I’m a proponent of being prepared for all manner of things. It gives us confidence, helps us engage more professionally, and helps us remain in control of our emotions, most of the time at least.

Today, however, I want to ask you to be more creative rather than reactive. To think ahead so that NO Matter What Happens you don’t react, you think and act creatively.

Here are some ways to do that.

Know yourself. Believe that you have all you need, it doesn’t matter what comes your way you can handle it. Remember all the times you’ve handled whatever has come in the past.

Stay calm. Even when someone is upset or trying to make you upset, the choice to react or get angry is up to you. You have control of yourself, the other person does not.

Determine what you want from whatever the exchange is and the smart choice is to move away from having to be right. Putting your focus on understanding, or relating can shift everything.

Creative means relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas. When you know yourself, stay calm and determine what you want, think how much more creative you can be.

How you react is your choice – what will you choose next time the unexpected happens?

Here’s to being creative!

Blessings, Shawna

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