There was a dog waiting for me when I came home from the hospital after my birth. His name was George and he loved us and protected our family until I turned twelve, and the day we lost him is still seared in my memory.
There has been a dog in my life every day since then. Sometimes, like now, there are multiple dogs and other critters too.
Much of what I’ve learned in life in dealing with people came directly from pets. And my parents’ concept of our pets too.
I remember once asking my dad, “Dad, why is George barking?”
My Dad replied, “Oh, he just likes to hear his head roar.” 
This made me laugh and this made me think. Why would a dog bark to hear his head roar? Maybe because it felt good.
Now think about humans and how sometimes they like to hear themselves speak or talk. They like their voice; they like their thinking or opinions; they like the attention; sometimes they demand attention.
Why am I sharing this? Because maybe this second week of April is a good time to pay attention to how much you talk. Are you doing it to be helpful, or are you doing it to hear your head roar?
And even though it might feel good to hear the roar, maybe it’s not the best idea for your reputation. Maybe it’s not good for deepening your relationships, maybe you can stop the barking, and instead engage in listening.
The question then becomes, will you?
Let me know how it goes.
George didn’t bark that often. Often when he did it, it meant something and we heeded his warning. Then there were times when it wasn’t. I’m sure he, or we, would not want others to think we were simply “roaring” it to hear our own voice or opinion.
Today, think before you speak and speak only what needs to be said. Think how much better your world will be?
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Shawna Schuh, CSP
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