The dog with a smartphone and the cat in devil horns with a pumpkin bucket with candies made selfie together at the Halloween party.

Seventy-two percent of pet owners say they’ll dress up their pet this Halloween, according to a survey of 250 cat and dog owners conducted by Bought By Many.

Besides the fact the pic included is hysterical – really, the dog and cat took a selfie? It speaks to what is happening in the world right now.

Pets are family – it’s scary how great that is. (please forgive the Halloween puns… hard to help myself!)

This isn’t the place to discuss if pets like costumes, or if we should dress them in costumes because regardless of your opinion pets let their families do it to great and many times hilarious effect.

Here are some questions for you about this costume thing…

What does dressing in costume do for your spirits? Those of your team?

Are you sometimes imposing your fun ideas (wearing costumes) on others without asking?

Sometimes, something we love a lot – (dressing up let’s say, or in business a favorite team activity or event) isn’t something the rest of our team loves. They will go along with it (pets allowing us to dress them up) some may enjoy it despite themselves while others can become stressed or angry.

How to fix or prevent stress or angry feelings? Ask – ask and ask again.

With our pets – it’s trying something on and noting the behavior – this is not as simple once you’ve invested in a costume, however it is vital to success for the pet.

With your team simply make sure you are asking prior to announcing.

Example: When you say, “I have a great idea!” It’s not easy for someone to tell you it’s not that great.

Rather ask, “What do you think about wearing costumes this Halloween?” Or for anything ask “What do you think about including X, or doing Y?”

Then listen.

If the response is lukewarm, or in the case of a pet, refusal, or a growl, adjust your idea. There are as many creative things to do in life as there are people to create them.

This Halloween – be aware and if your thing (and your pet’s thing) is to dress up and if so, enjoy it for all it’s worth. If not – maybe being an enthusiastic observer is just as fun.

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