This morning two things helped to shift my perspective.

First – I watched an interview and then the recording of the poem Amanda Gorman performed at the inauguration.  

Second – I read an article about a man named Donny Marchuk who created a special “Chariot” for his aging Golden Retriever Sully so the dog could still go on adventures.

How do these two stories weave together? 

They each represent to me the power of giving your gifts. 

Gorman is a talented writer and performer with a lovely presence that seems to spread love as she passionately expresses hope for our nation.

Marchuk used his skills to convert an old three-wheel stroller to make another species enjoy the golden years of its life, which unbeknownst to him, would positively impact everyone they met.

So here’s the question for us:

Am I using my talents, my gifts, my thinking to do something of benefit? 

Both of these people are touching many lives, which is wonderful but certainly not my point.

What if, today, you simply used your talent to touch one? A human or animal, or plant?

What if, today, you wrote someone you love a poem? You were kind to an animal, or you watered, planted or gave someone a plant? 

What if you did all three? Others would benefit for sure, however, the biggest benefit would be what you became in sharing what is already inside of you.

If you’re feeling a bit wayward, or have lost a bit of your umph, using your talents for others may be exactly what will put you back on track. 

Let me know how it goes. Write me a poem, tell me about the animals you love, or the plants you grow and give. I would love to be inspired by you and so would others.

Note: Links to these stories below.

Amanda Gorman


Donny Marchuk and Sully

Blessings, Shawna

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