As we evolve and get closer to what you want most, we are redefining our value to you.
Your support and encouragement has been outstanding. When you take the time to respond to a question I’ve asked or a challenge I’ve posed, you allow me to fine tune what I write, how I write it, and how it impacts you and the world.
So, going forward, I am officially changing the name of my blog to dadadada …

“Tuesday is “Q” Day.” 

Because “Q” stands for “question.”
Because a question can spur your creativity.
Because questions are vital for your growth.
Because a question can change everything.
Because a question can help you do better in your business.
Questions get you closer to your desires.
So here is your first “Q.”
What do you want most for your business?
This is often not as easy to answer as we think it should be. Mostly because we know what we need to improve, fix, change etc.
We spend considerable time on thinking about what we don’t want, don’t like, and need to improve.
We can address those things too if we filter it through how it gets us closer to what we want.
So let me ask you again, and will you please email me with your answers?
What do you want most for your business?
A couple of secondary questions to spur your thinking?
Is it more sales?  If so, how many?
Is it additional team members? If so, how many and in what roles?
Is it less hours working? If so, what is your ideal?
Do you see how these questions can help you clarify goals and actually develop a plan of action?
Okay, your turn.
Please email with your answers. I care about you, and want to make certain I’m addressing what you need.
And please help spread the word about this blog so more people can spur their thinking, become kinder to each other, and do business better.
It’s an honor to serve you.
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Shawna Schuh, CSP
Helping leaders evolve.  
Executive Coach, Speaker, Columnist & Author
President, Women in the Pet Industry Network

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