The weather has been on many people’s minds in the last few weeks. Snowstorms, ice, power outages, etc.

When you are dealing with the weather, you are in it. Feeling it, experiencing it physically and emotionally. And, we can’t seem to see anything else but what is being expressed in our world, right this moment.

This is good and normal, you can only deal with what you have to work with after all, right?

And, it separates us from others not going through what we are going through.

It’s the same with grief, illness, life changes, fear. When we are in these emotions, it separates us from others not experiencing these things.

How can we use this knowledge to serve others?

First off, let go of your incredulousness. Being surprised that the other people don’t “get” it, or don’t know about it. We share a planet, however, each individual is on their own pinprick of a place, with only our own perceptions. When you realize this, you can check your attitude and move forward to whatever they want or need from you.

Second, open your heart. There is an old fable about a woman so in grief that she believes no one could ever have experienced such grief before. She is challenged to go out into the world and find someone, anyone who has not experienced loss and as she travels and seeks, she uncovers that no one is spared sorrow, it’s part of the journey that is life.

As she listens to others’ stories she finds her heart opening as she feels compassion for these people, which lessens her own pain.

Lastly, remember whatever it is won’t last. Weather changes, time moves forward, good things happen even when you’re sad. Recognize the truth that “This too shall pass” and let that hope radiate out from you.

One last thought. If you are experiencing something unusual for you, weather, a death, an illness, it may be valuable to simply share that tiny detail at the beginning of an exchange.

“I’ve been without power for the last 4 days.” or “I lost my spouse recently.” or “In case I sound off a bit, I’ve just learned XYZ” so that the other person can be prepared and hopefully compassionate. After all, no one is spared sorrow in this life.

Here’s wishing you good weather and good news!

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