Fresh flowers at florist shop

My local grocery store, like most grocery stores, has a flower area. 


Whatever holiday is up next is represented with bouquets, arrangements that include gifts, balloons, etc. 


It’s a happy and fragrant area to walk by, sniff around in and marvel at the displays. What my grocery store does is spill this area out into the entrance/exit doors on the north side of the store. You can’t come or go from that door without noticing, maybe even tripping over the flower area.


Like many people, I make a point of coming and going through the north doors. It’s a feast for the eyes and nose.


Last Friday I was in getting a few items on my way home and the store was filled with people doing the exact same thing but there was something wonderful I noticed. Several men were buying Friday flowers. And, like most things, the moment you give attention to something you see more of it. 


All through the store, I saw men walking around with flowers. There was no impending holiday, you see lots of flower buyers then, no, this was an ordinary Friday, however for the recipients of those flowers, it was going to be a special Friday for sure.


A few things occurred to me (here come the questions…)

  1. Is your business putting impulse items somewhere that can’t be missed?
  2. When was the last time you purchased flowers for someone?
  3. When you receive an unexpected gift, are you delighted enough?


Only you can answer these questions, like most I put out there, however for me, seeing the men picking out flowers, standing in line to buy them, and wandering around with them made my day.


Why not buy someone flowers today, Friday or not, it’s a lovely thing to do.


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