The definition of disruption is disturbance or problems which interrupt an event, activity or process.
One of the things that can be of help to leaders is to disrupt the thinking patterns or the processes in your business that could use some freshening up.
Disrupt is synonymous with interrupt so basically they mean the same thing – except interrupt usually puts us off when disrupt can allow us to come up with new things and new ways of thinking.
Here are a couple of ways you can disrupt things/processes this week:

  1. Move something in your environment – especially in your business. When you move a physical thing, the energy changes and you must shift to accommodate it. An example would be to move a desk, display or even where you charge your phone.
  2. Do something in reverse order. When you shift the order of something, especially a process, it can expose a hole or unneeded task.
  3. Bring in outside eyes. From new hires to a family member or coach, when you have someone unfamiliar with your thinking or process they tend to ask the kinds of questions that bring about needed improvements.

Someone once suggested to me that when I return from traveling to shift or move something in my home to reflect that there had been some shift in me and my perceptions. This has been a wonderful idea and I’ve used it many times, and now I give to you to consider.
When you return, you are altered so shifting something (even a tiny thing like adding a small token to a plant or shifting papers to a new place) will alter how you look or think about where you live.
I would love to hear which of these you do now, will consider doing, or something else that works for you.
Wishing you many altered environments that bring you even more joy.
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