Weekly – The Most Important Person in 2019

How Self Aware Are You? Been thinking a lot about leaders lately. I’m working with them daily, reading about them all the time and having to make leadership decisions continually myself and everything is leading me to ask myself, and now you: How self-aware am I and are you? The reason this is an important […]

The Weekly – How was your 2018?

The Time You Take to Review Is Good For You!It’s been an amazing year – there are a few highlights and pics below from me… What isn’t in there are several amazing trips  – New York, Hawaii and officiating a wedding in California among them – and the bottom line is – I am one […]

The Weekly – The Christmas Stealing Presents Game

Did you steal a gift this Christmas yet? You may have played the Christmas Stealing game already – where everyone brings a wrapped gift and everyone takes a number and as things are opened, you can steal one or pick an unwrapped one. Which is the best number to have? First or last? Last night […]

The Weekly – It’s the 50th Week of the Year! Yikes!

When I announced that this week was the 50th week of the year to my accountability group, there was silence while that sunk in… 50 seems like a lot of weeks, doesn’t it? It is if you use them well – like all of life right? Here are a few things that can help you […]

The Weekly – Magazine is LIVE

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The Weekly – Bored of Directors? OR Board of Directors?

Who helps you think better? Just recently I met with my board of directors and it was anything but boring! Do you have a group of like-minded, same level leaders to help you tweak, morph and grow? Something that can be of huge value to you, and be a lot of fun too, is creating […]

The Weekly – Working it Right At Networking Events

Attending an event where you know there will be influencers and buyers or potential partners can be fraught with peril – unless you plan! Pets And Money is going to be an awesome event yet, how you feel about it and the results you glean from it have a lot to do with how you […]

The Weekly – What Happens When You Go Away?

Is Your Business Self-Managing? This week I’m actually at a business retreat in Hawaii. Tough life I have, I know… And this ezine is still being delivered, the horses and pets still being fed and business is still getting done. How does that happen without stress or concern? There are various things that help you […]

The Weekly – Do You Have A Learning Plan?

Planning on Learning or Letting it Happen? I don’t remember the expert, John Maxwell, maybe? Anyways, the young professional is sitting with the wise older man whom he admired when the older man asks the younger one, “Do you have a learning plan?” Uncertain how you feel about point-blank questions but as I remember it, […]

The Weekly – How Do You Handle Fear?

You Can’t have Two Emotions At the Same Time Recently I read or heard that you can’t have two emotions at the same time. That got me thinking… So, you can’t be angry and grateful at the same time? Can’t you be happy and depressed at the same time? In thinking about it, you can’t! […]