Is Your Business Self-Managing?

This week I’m actually at a business retreat in Hawaii. Tough life I have, I know…

And this ezine is still being delivered, the horses and pets still being fed and business is still getting done. How does that happen without stress or concern?

There are various things that help you have and enjoy a self-managing business. (A term coined if I’m not mistaken by Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach.)
Here are the top three things to get in place so you have the support you need.

  1. Know your needs – each business has need of a support system – from assistance to IT and legal. Naming these components and having a plan to get people in the right role is key. (We have an entire section on creating support systems in the upcoming Ultimate Leadership Adventure) 
  2. Hire right by using criteria. Many leaders find good people and put them to work, rather than determining the criteria for a role and hiring for that. The right people in the wrong role can derail your business, especially when you are away. 
  3. Lay out the path to follow. Processes and systems make doing business better because there is a tried and true path to follow. Going over and tweaking processes and thinking is one of the top things I do with my coaching clients. When your processes are superb, the team can do superb work!

The joy and happiness I feel knowing I have surrounded myself with smart people, who know their roles and how to follow the processes and systems they helped create is wonderful. What happens when I go away? Nothing out of the ordinary at home so I can do extraordinary adventures while away!
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