Weekly – Remarkable Women Rule!

The Latest Magazine of Top Women in the Pet Industry is OUT! Just in time for the, stay inside where it’s cool and read season, you have inspiration a click away! Yeah!The Latest Issue of the Bi-Annual Top Women in the Pet Industry Magazine is ready for you to view, learn from and enjoy. These […]

Weekly – When Things are a Little Off.

How do you handle it? My car was acting a little off – it’s an older car without all the high tech panels so all I had to go on was the heat gauge arrow that kept rising and rising into that dreaded red zone. I have a newer truck and I realized that I […]

Weekly – Another Month Bites the Dust!

When You Welcome Time Passing Are you tracking your results? From research and my own experience conducting the Monday through Friday Accountability call for the last 12 years – tracking will help you. How do you track and what do you track? How is easy – Use a monthly calendar and mark each day you […]

Weekly – Are You Ready to Mow Down the Grass?

Uncontrollable Growth Can Do Damage When you live on 20 rural acres in the Willamette Valley of Oregon the grass, and brush, and trees, flowers, weeds, grows fast. It’s an explosion of growth, most of which is green and it’s vibrant and beautiful and a huge job to mow. Getting ready for this growth, like […]

Weekly – May Be, May Be Not

This is the Month for Maybes May – Mother’s day, my mothers birthday, Mayday. Did you know that the term “Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!” is a distress call and as the idea of a man named Frederick Mockford, he came up with the idea for “mayday” because it sounded like the French word for máider, which […]

Weekly – An Interview with an Icon

Have you ever been so excited to meet someone that you could barely contain yourself? That’s how I feel about Laura “Peach” Reid. I stumbled upon her by reading the trades and realizing that she was being given honor after honor, so I actually spoke to her over the phone. She was gracious and encouraging […]

Weekly – Are You in Command of Yourself?

To Give an Authoritative Order As a pet lover, I give my pets commands. Sit, Stay, Whoa, slow, things I want to happen when I’m with them. It works too – especially when I’m consistent in my asking/commanding. Do we do this for ourselves? The definition of command is to give an authoritative order. An […]

Weekly – Leadership Lessons from Pet Leaders

Global Pet Expo Insights When you connect and interact with leaders, a smart idea is to have some questions to ask them. Let’s face it, they are in the “know” and they are living it so why not find out how they do it or what they have learned along the way? At Global Pet […]