When You Welcome Time Passing Are you tracking your results? From research and my own experience conducting the Monday through Friday Accountability call for the last 12 years – tracking will help you. How do you track and what do you track? How is easy – Use a monthly calendar and mark each day you accomplish the tasks you stated. Keep a gratitude or accomplishment journal – listing the 3 top things you are most happy or grateful about that day. Fill a glass jar with a penny every time you do something on your list. What to track is a little bit more complicated – it means you have to take the time to determine what you want, and the steps you must take to get there. Example: Rather than having a goal of losing weight, or attaining a new customer – the steps to track are: Weight – eat an apple today/ or a day without sweets Customer – call a prospect/ or send a note to a past client Then, when it’s the end of the month – like now – you can look back and know what you did and the results it created. Because you do create your life, whether you track it or not.
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