Uncontrollable Growth Can Do Damage When you live on 20 rural acres in the Willamette Valley of Oregon the grass, and brush, and trees, flowers, weeds, grows fast. It’s an explosion of growth, most of which is green and it’s vibrant and beautiful and a huge job to mow. Getting ready for this growth, like your business growth can be tricky. You want to enjoy the growth, you want to experience all the sights, sounds, smells of success, especially since it may have been a long dormant winter. Enjoying it is bliss and why we do what we do right? Knowing when to mow down the grass is a question that has many answers depending on who you ask. One question, of course, is, “Should we mow (temper) the growth at all?” What will happen if we simply let it continue unabated? Another question might be, If we cut it back, will people (us) still want it? And of course, “What if it grows out of control and we can’t cut it?” That’s what happens with grass if you let it get so tall and unruly you can’t get the mower through. You end up wrecking your equipment or have to pay double to bring in a bigger machine. So when does a business person mow the grass? This is for the owner to answer based on their goals. One thing I rely on is having a team that knows grass. The man who mows for me gives me good counsel, does an excellent job and because I trust him and we keep it under control it’s a win-win for both. Good luck with your mowing. Don’t you love that fresh cut smell?
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