How do you handle it? My car was acting a little off – it’s an older car without all the high tech panels so all I had to go on was the heat gauge arrow that kept rising and rising into that dreaded red zone. I have a newer truck and I realized that I am living in a false sense of security with it. I have no worries UNLESS something shows up on the panel – a light, a warning message. Even when I back up, I have a camera now to gauge distance. I love the technology, I love that darn back up screen – and it occurred to me that it was helping to make me, lazy, unaware and dependent. These are not great traits for a business owner. These are not great traits for sustaining a relationship either. Because my truck is newer and automatic and because my car is older and a stick shift, every time I get in one or the other I have to readjust my thinking. At the beginning of a drive, it feels awkward, and uncomfortable as my mind and body realizes how to do this vehicle. (I did nearly put myself through the windshield the first time I drove the automatic – the brake is certainly not the clutch!) And it occurred to me that though it’s a bit of a hassle, it forces me to think, adjust and pay attention. This is great for my business, my relationships, how I treat my pets. It forces me to check my surroundings, to be alert to signs of trouble, to actually look all around the situation before I move. Today, ask yourself if you are doing these things for your business. Or, like me, you are allowing things to move along generally without seeing how high that arrow is moving into the red. Paying attention will prevent your automobile from big trouble and it will also help you save and serve customers before they’re unhappy.
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