Global Pet Expo Insights When you connect and interact with leaders, a smart idea is to have some questions to ask them. Let’s face it, they are in the “know” and they are living it so why not find out how they do it or what they have learned along the way? At Global Pet Expo last week, I was fortunate to speak with 14 leaders in the pet space about traits they feel are pivotal for a leader, any leader, and what animal traits leaders would most benefit from. A gift we are giving you down the road is to post these video interviews here, in the weekly so you can learn too. They are short, with some key lessons and also some memorable stories. For today I want to share this lesson – and it was driven home for me because I did these leader interviews. Ask yourself: Who am I learning from? And is it the best person for me right now? In years past, I left it much to chance to run into, sit next to, or somehow find myself around those who I could both give to and learn from. Now, I have a different intent. I know my expertise will be more beneficial when I have a higher level of engagement with leaders in the trenches especially when I am prepared to engage with them. This tip alone will benefit you if you take it to heart and apply it. Ask yourself right now: Who would help my professional growth more? Then take action. Your future is in your hands! If you would like help becoming aware and reaching higher levels of results – set up a complimentary success clarifying call with me.
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