This is the Month for Maybes May – Mother’s day, my mothers birthday, Mayday. Did you know that the term “Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!” is a distress call and as the idea of a man named Frederick Mockford, he came up with the idea for “mayday” because it sounded like the French word for máider, which is defined as “Help me.”Do you ever want to shout – Help me! sometimes? Well, this is the month for it and maybe before we get too overwhelmed we will shout out some maydays to those who could be of help. Who are they? If you are in this world, of constant stimulation, constant connectedness and constant bombardment of messaging may be the help you need most is to unplug. For this tip – the mayday is to yourself. When you ask yourself, “What is one thing I can do today to get clear?” The answer will come. And, if you unplug for a bit, you can allow yourself the space to ask the question and hear the answer. Secondly – you can mayday to those closest to you. Asking, “Can you help me?” and this second part may be as simple as, “Can you help me see what I’m doing that I could let go of, or delegate?” can be a game changer. As a leadership coach, my role is to ask those types of questions and see what my client is missing. Do you really have to do all the tasks you are doing? Usually, the answer is no. One thing many busy professionals forget is to simply ask. This mayday message is this – ask people to help you. Most people adore helping others and when you reach out you let them be a hero. Mayday indeed!
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