To Give an Authoritative Order As a pet lover, I give my pets commands. Sit, Stay, Whoa, slow, things I want to happen when I’m with them. It works too – especially when I’m consistent in my asking/commanding. Do we do this for ourselves? The definition of command is to give an authoritative order. An order – for a pet it’s sit, or whoa. What commands are you giving yourself? Here are some to eradicate: Don’t be stupid/silly – Stop thinking this! Any command that is negative in tone. Instead, add these good commands: Be kind, be open, be loving, be forgiving. For your business: Be courteous, be service focused, be gracious. The whole thing stems from authority, in your life and business you are the authority, now use it well! (That’s a command!)   If you would like help becoming aware and reaching higher levels of results – set up a complimentary success clarifying call with me.
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