Most of you who read me regularly know I live in the country. Lots of space between properties and it’s dark when you drive at night. Very dark. No street lights, no light from, well, anything unless there’s a moon glow.

And as you drive through the darkness this time of year you’ll come around a corner, or see a glimmer off over a field and realize someone has put up Christmas lights.

Along a fence line, on their house or barn, I’ve even seen them outlining a tractor in a field, and just then, a little spark happens in your heart, a warm glow spreads throughout your mind and body as you realize that someone, a stranger to you, have done this remarkable thing for you.

And, of course, for anyone and everyone who is driving along that road also. Or maybe they did it for who they live with, or who will visit, or maybe and most importantly, they did it for themselves.

I’m assuming for the joy it brings to see the color as they come up their road or to see the delight in the faces of those they love by its glow. And they get all of that by taking the time, making the effort, buying, and then untangling those lights.

Question for you: Are you putting up Christmas lights this year?

If you were thinking maybe not, why does it matter, who will notice anyway, please know that there are lots of people just like me, thanking you, loving you, and blessing you from afar because you made the effort.

You and your string of lights sparked my heart, warmed my soul, and spread joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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