We moved so smoothly I didn’t realize we were leaving the earth until we were a few feet in the air. 

Some strong bursts of hot air helped us rise faster though with no shaking or movement. 

It felt surreal, tranquil, and beautiful even as the earth receded under the basket and I realized we were floating in the air under a big blue balloon. 

Giddy, excited, a little scared, enthralled, and wonderment all mixed together in this adventure I was taking part in. Taking my first hot air balloon ride over the beautiful Willamette Valley.

As you know from reading my stuff, I like adventure and think of nearly everything like that. 

This hot air balloon ride was one of those things I really wanted to do and so a friend who is a generous and giving kind of guy made it happen. It was only him and me and the pilot in the small basket. I’m uncertain if or when I would have done this if not for him, nor if I would have had such an exhilarating time. He actually got to co-pilot some of it too. I am grateful.

Writing about it brings up a few questions I want to ask you. 

First: What is something you really want to do, try, experience? And have you told anybody? 

Next: When can you step out and do something you’ve never done before? How might that help you view your world differently? 

Lastly: What would it feel like to help someone carry out their dream? 

As we helped deflate the balloon (we actually helped inflate it too which was exciting and added to the full experience) my friend told me that he didn’t expect it to be so fun, and he couldn’t believe how excited and happy I was to have done it. (My enthusiasm about things can sometimes be a little over-the-top.)

What his comments made me realize is how often we miss the mark on expressing how we feel, or that we hold back on our feelings to not get hurt or look like a fool. (too late for that for me). So one last question for you.

How can you express your happiness, giddiness, joy, or appreciation today?

Let me know, I love sharing things with you.

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