Is it just me or are zoom-type meetings getting on your nerves too?

To admit that my ego is engaged is perilous however I find that I can not be on a zoom-type call and not spend worrisome moments checking out how I look. I am focused on what’s in the background, is the angle going up my nose or is the dog hair that floats around me showing up on the screen?

Then, after I am at least satisfied that I am not being grotesquely portrayed, though certainly not as flattering as I’d hoped, I move my attention to the others on the call.

Thoughts like, “They should invest in some lighting.” or “What is that thing hanging from the ceiling?” flit through my mind while whoever is leading is vainly attempting to capture my attention.

The distractions continue. From people getting up and leaving to eating, visits from family members or pets, to someone doing their nails or working on their phone all while “Tuning in” to the zoom-type call.

So what shall we do?  As you know from reading my stuff – My goal is to not only inform and entertain but to give you actions and questions to spur your thinking and make your world better. So here are some ideas.

  1. Meet with a purpose! If your zoom-type meeting is simply to “Check-in” do you really need to take people away from their work to engage in this way? Though of course, it’s nice to “see” everyone when most are working from home, the nature of this unfocused medium doesn’t really connect us deeply.
  1. State your meeting goal and stay on plan. – From sending out an agenda prior, to stating upfront that this meeting is to:  decide, review, educate or dispel. Having an action-oriented meeting pulls the focus right into what your goal is, and you tend to accomplish it.
  1. Begin already. I have taken to coming on late or fast-forwarding on a replay over all the beginning welcome and chit chat. Please, just get started and keep focused. If you are attending multiple meetings and they all have long starts it wears a person out.

We have stayed safe, we are using the tools at hand and zoom-like meetings are necessary and easy and I don’t dislike them. I’m just not a fan of too many of them! If you’re leading them, why not consider the above items, and maybe you can make the ones you do even better!

Here to serve! Blessings, Shawna

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