Dear Pet Lover

 Are you living your passion?

What is your intention for the week?

Ask yourself…

What is your unrelenting passion?

How can you experience it this week?


A Favorite Mind-Setting Quote:

“As water, when transmuted into steam, becomes a new, more definite and wide-reaching power,

so passion, when transmuted into intellectual and moral force, becomes a new life,

a new power for the accomplishment of high and unfailing purposes.”

~James Allen (New Zealander Statesman, Minister of defense, 1912-20; 1855-1942)


Coaching is one of those things that can help you become the person you desire to be.

Having outside help can be the difference between a fine business and an exceptional one!

Now is the time that you may be thinking you want a better year in 2017.

Business coaching can do that for you if you’re ready and committed.


I look forward to serving you!

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