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The Weekly – What Are You Going As?

How is Wearing a Mask Working for You? Today is Halloween and if you’ve been capitalizing on this season you are dressed up today. If so, good for you – and does your team know your vision? That may seem an odd question on a costume day but it really isn’t. A day like Halloween […]

The Weekly – The Challenge with Communication…

Do you think You Communicate Well? This quote is something I’ve been saying a long time, “The Challenge with Communication is the Illusion that it’s been achieved.” I lifted and altered it after reading this quote from George Bernard Shaw, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Regardless […]

The Weekly – When is your scheduled planning time?

Sometimes does it feel like you’re overscheduled? Benjamin Franklin is reported to have said something you no doubt have heard before – “Failing to plan is planning to fail,” Do you believe it, do you live it? When do you schedule your planning? – With our calendars so overscheduled anyway, how do we fit planning […]

The Weekly – H.O.T. Communication

3 points to make your points stronger A stumbled across a quote about communication that is clever and may be a way for you to improve your communication, with, like, everyone. It’s from Dan Oswald who has been the Chief Executive Officer of Business & Legal Resources, Inc. since 2011 and is kind of a […]

The Weekly – Are You Ready for 4th Quarter?

Next Week is the Last Quarter – let’s rock it! Next week I’ll be in Oaks, PA for the Pet Connections Expo and presenting at the 6th annual Pet Industry Woman of the Year Awards Show. There is still time to go!! Click here to register for Pet Connections Expo and to also modify your reservation […]

The Weekly – Do You Have to Do it All Yourself?

Headline: Is Delegation a Dirty Word for You? This week the accountability call I lead Monday through Friday (Think about that a minute – daily accountability? How might that help you?) is focused on delegation and it’s been an interesting discussion. Many leaders, bosses, people who get stuff done, are so focused on the “Getting […]

The Weekly – Finalists Selected for Pet Industry Woman of the Year!!!

Remarkable Women to Inspire According to Forbes Magazine in its 2017 Fortune 500 list, which ranks major U.S. companies by their fiscal 2016 revenues. Only 32 of the companies, or 6.4 percent, were run by female CEOs. And in a more recent article from Forbes, six of those women will be leaving or have left their […]

The Weekly – Tired of Being Inspired?

End of Summer Hazy Days This has been a quick and amazing summer, or at least it was for me. Now, maybe, just maybe I’m in a less than inspired mood and that’s a lesson, isn’t it? Do you ever get tired of being inspired? Tired of being “ON”?  Tired of doing everything for everyone? […]

The Weekly – Dog Days of Summer in the Year of the Dog

According to what I found online, the Dog Days of Summer are wrapped up about now, however, according to that same definition of a period of lethargy, inactivity, or indolence, they are still going strong! Ha! “dog days. the sultry part of the summer, supposed to occur during the period that Sirius, the Dog Star, rises at the […]