Remarkable Women to Inspire

According to Forbes Magazine in its 2017 Fortune 500 list, which ranks major U.S. companies by their fiscal 2016 revenues. Only 32 of the companies, or 6.4 percent, were run by female CEOs.

And in a more recent article from Forbes, six of those women will be leaving or have left their posts in 2018.

That’s why it matters when we highlight women doing remarkable things like the Finalists for Pet Industry Woman of the Year, and why you joining in the celebration is smart for your business.

Here are 3 ways to use the news to your benefit:

1. Did you know posts.
When you are seen as helpful to those that follow and buy from you, they grow to trust and feel close to you. Are you giving value? Sending out a did you know post about interesting things is a definite trust builder.

2. Congratulations show your Confidence.
No matter if it’s the Finalist for Pet Industry Woman of the Year, or a local hero when you congratulate others you bring attention to your own self-confidence and worth. Seeking things to post about? Pick people to congratulate. We have 25 you could spread out and use!

3. Alignment adds luster. If you are a member of Women in the Pet Industry Network, then you are aligned with all the finalists because we’re the body that gives the award. This applies to all your associations and networks. When you call out what the association or network or a friend or colleague is doing well – it shows you are aligned with good people and good things.

Here is the list of the Finalists so you can post about it, congratulate them or see who you are aligned with to maximize your business.
Hope you will join us at the Awards Show for the Announcement of the Winners on Oct 2 in Oaks, PA! (Link)

 Shawna Schuh, CSP 

 Serving Leaders Who Ignite Others
 Executive Coaching, Speaking, Columnist and Author

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Pet Industry Woman of the Year Finalists 

Advocate Finalists

Dee Hoult with Applause Your Paws
Jodi Clock with Clock Timeless Pets
Dr. Judy Morgan, DVM with Naturally Healthy Pets
Dr. Sandra Faeh, DVM with Elmhurst Animal Care Center
Vicki Lynne Morgan with Animal Brands

Corporate Finalists

Aimee Gilbreath with Michelson Found Animals Foundation
Carol Borden with Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, Inc
Kay Sumner, Melissa Jo Peltier, Sheila Emery with Dog Whisperer Productions, Inc.
Margot Crump with Crumps Naturals
Sara Morgan with Frenchies Kitchen

Entrepreneur Finalists

Adrienne Preuss with Animal Loving Care
Jamie Migdal with FetchFind
Julianna Carella with Treatibles
Nancy Guinn with Dog Krazy
Peggy Hoyt with PetFriendly.Love

Rising Star Finalists

Cynthia Wood with DOOG
Nancy Shadlow with Gen7pets
Nicci Decrisantis with Thomaston Feed
Suzanne Brean with My Little Dog Training Business
Yasaar Nakchbendi with Chirpy Cats

Solopreneur Finalists

Ann Greenberg with A Pet With Paws, LLC
Fiona Robertson with Newflands, Ltd
Jen Reeder with Divided Sky
Robbi Hess with All Words Matter, Inc.
Robyn Kline with Barks, Bones, & Biscuits LLC

PIWY Finalists – Purchase Your Dinner Tickets HERE  


Kim Goldsworthy, Podium Pet Products for Dog Rocks – Pages 54-55


 Veronica Boutelle, dog biz – Pages 18-19

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