How is Wearing a Mask Working for You?

Today is Halloween and if you’ve been capitalizing on this season you are dressed up today. If so, good for you – and does your team know your vision?

That may seem an odd question on a costume day but it really isn’t. A day like Halloween allows us to step back and ask some basic questions…

To keep it super simple – what is the purpose of your dressing up? To play, engage, create team spirit? Did you share that? Did you use this opportunity to spread your message out?
If so, bravo! From my work with leaders, it usually seems they move forward and people follow them but without a really clear idea of the end goal. And it’s only when the question is asked, “Does your team know the end goal?” That they begin to question if they have even shared it.
Because we are so into our own heads, our own ideas and visions, many times as we shift, and morph and tweak our direction without sharing those tweaks, morphs and new directions with those on our teams.
I think it’s usually because our minds work so fast, things change quickly and new opportunities arise. And still, sharing the vision with your team, with its tweaks and shifts is vital, just like sharing the why behind a costume or a sale, or an initiative.
Let this Halloween day be the day you decide to share not only some treats – but your vision as well!
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