Dear Pet Lover,

Islanders Sometimes Get Burned –

Whenever I think of the islands – I think tropical – hot, sunny – places I get burned easily. Being a redhead that even happens on overcast days!

However – as the rest of the posts this month promote – doing it alone is something you don’t have to do – and from everything I read, learn and experience you DON’T HAVE TO!

 You can be an island if you want to, or a lone ranger it’s sometimes called, if you want to stay the shape and capacity you are currently at.

 What if however, you want to grow, expand, excel?

 Then you need peeps. Peeps that understand your vision, peeps who can do what you can’t or don’t want to.

 So far, I’ve suggested you decide to collaborate – and consider using Virtual Assistance – and also that you know what you want that VA to do for you.

What I haven’t yet suggested is that you take a long look, now that the year is underway, at all you have to do, all you’ve agreed to do, all that spills over on you first.

With this list and knowledge, you might understand that being an island is only a tiny spot in a very large and ever expanding sea of possibilities.

So, be an island if you wish -or get on board with your own best options and start building a team. It’s not only smart, it’s a lot more fun!

A big shout out to our team (Amazingly talented every person) – VA’s right there too!



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