Life’s Essential Ingredients podcast, featuring Shawna Schuh

November 23, 2021

Season 2 Episode # 2 Shawna Schuh coming from Gaston, Oregon

You can find Shawna at or on Instagram @shawnaschuh

Shawna has dedicated the last three decades of her life coaching leaders to up their game, gain clarity with communication, and evolve into mastery.  Shawna has been working with professionals and creating content that helps them think more strategically, communicate more effectively, and present more powerfully.  Herphilosophies include continual growth, critical thinking, and using service and gratitude as the cornerstone of success.

Shawna’s greatest gift is helping professionals experience and profit from profound insights about themselves and their business.   Shawna, Welcome to the show!

TOTD – The task of leadership is not to put greatness into humanity, but to elicit it, for the greatness is already there.     — John Buchan

In this episode:

“Igniting Leaders who Ignite Others”. From your Instagram, love it!

What do you love about animals and what can they teach us about leadership?

Why do we PUSH?

Non-push method

1.     Stop pushing

2.     Take a deep breath

3.     Find out what you want based upon the circumstance (live in a world in what we don’t want)

4.     Find out what they want – we tell people what we want, what we think…we sell all the time…things that are pushy… what would happen if we ask, what do they want…


Legacy – What is it you want to leave behind?

Thanks for listening and enjoy the show

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