Do Dogs Really Give Us Unconditional Love?

My little guy, Stewart does lots of things that make my heart melt. One of them is asking to get under the covers where we spoon – or I should say, where I spoon around his furry frame and where he licks any exposed skin he can reach.

Love is so complete right then. However is it really unconditional?

So I looked it up………. (Do we live in the most amazing times or what?)

Unconditional definition, not limited by conditions; absolute: an unconditional promise
I like to think that unconditional means no matter what,  Stewart will love me. And that may be true, however, I think, no matter what I dream, hope or believe about it, there are conditions to ANY relationship, even those with my canines.
My promise to them is to feed them, house them, pet and groom them (though it seems they like the grooming part the least!)

And their promise to me? Did they ever make one? I think not, I simply think in the workings of a dog’s mind, heart, being, they are present in the moment and give fully regardless of circumstances.
Does Stewart love me unconditionally? Since he makes no promises I’m going to go with no – does he give without reservation? That he does indeed and what can we take from that for our businesses?
Giving works.
So today – what if – the focus was:
Give attention
Give admiration
Give smiles
Give time
Give praise
Give service
Give hugs (licks if you know them well…)
Give love
Then, people will think, “My heavens, that person is amazing!” which is what we think about our dogs, right?
Let me know how it goes.
Blessings, Shawna

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