Something that has helped me serve you as a reader, and my coaching and presentation clients, as well as those in our network, is having a plan.

Plans come in various forms and they are tweakable entities.

What is your plan for Q2?

Wanna look into what is working for us?

One of the team came up with a nifty idea a couple of years ago that we call, The 52 Week plan and as you can deduce, it’s a full year set out into 52 weeks. The beauty of doing this is that we have each month and each week numbered and we know the “Big” events as well as the small ones because everything is color coded.
And, it’s not all we need.
Mostly because looking that far out is kind of intimidating with all that time, and it’s easy when something is far enough away to put it in the back of your mind…
So we now break our 52-week plan into 13-week segments – or a quarter of the year and this is where the deep things happen, where the results are tracked and where we can put all the tasks to events and goals.
Here is something else we do that you might incorporate into your planning.
Forecast out 13 weeks – and ask yourself these questions
On X date (for this quarter it’s on June 30th)
I will feel extremely happy because X has happened –
X in my personal life
X in my relational life
X in my professional life or business
Then, get with someone on your team and work backward on all that must happen weekly to attain that goal.
Let me know how it goes or if you do something better. We are all about tweaking!

Here to serve,
Blessings, Shawna

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