When you Get Bit – Or bite – Fix it Fast.

My little, old dog Stewart seems to forget past tussles. He has had at least four major altercations with my big, young dog Clayton in the last three years.

As dogs, they fight, they bite and then they move on (Though the vet bills are mounting…)

Do you do that as a business owner?

What I mean is, do you remember or forget past tussles? Past slights or rudeness?
Recently a man I know mentioned that he and a group of very interested wine drinkers/buyers rented a bus and went tasting to add to their extensive cellars. They had already been to 3 wineries and there was something like $3500 in wine in the van already when they stopped at a new place.
Apparently, they were not treated very well and no one bought any wine. A tussle, a big loss for the winery but not the end of the story. This man wanted to alert the winery owner about what had happened in hopes to help them. He sent an email explaining what happened.
This is the key place where there could have simply been a bite to forget about.
Instead, the winery owner came back and justified the poor treatment, basically said, “I don’t believe you, or I don’t care to improve” and then he might have forgotten about it, but the man I was talking to hadn’t.
If it had been as simple as my dogs, both would have moved on, instead, the wine buyer felt like he got bit twice. Once when the group was treated poorly and a second time through email denial.
You know the rest, he sent that less-than-stellar response to the rest of the group and they will share it around other bottles of wine with other buyers and what happens to the rude winery is probably not hard to figure out.
Lesson to remember. No matter who bites who, no matter what happens, making things right in the end is the beginning of good things. Not making things right (sometimes as simple as an apology) will be a bite that will come around and no doubt bite you again.

Blessings, Shawna

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