How blessed are we?

4th of July – if you’re reading this on the 4th – I hope you have already experienced some Americana or are about to.

For me and friends, we have gotten up early, loaded the ice chest and travel chairs and have or are experiencing a true small town 4th of July parade. Complete with rodeo queens and their courts, horses of all shapes and colors, hot rod rigs and every service club in the area with kids and farm animals and flags galore! My eyes are tearing up thinking about it.

This is an opportunity to actually see humanity in its glory and joy. Who doesn’t love a parade?

Kids, animals, moms carrying water and old men driving tractors and cars and horses with princesses and vaqueros and old fire trucks and candy raining down from every flatbed truck pulling a float,duct-taped together because it’ll hold for the hour needed.

Is your business a part of a parade?

Here are a couple of thoughts about why being in a parade may be a smart marketing strategy for you.

  1. If you’re in the pet industry, showing dogs, horses, goats, cats? In your colors or with logo bandanas or logo wear is not only entertaining (you really never know what a pet will do) but also a great way for people in your community to either learn about you or appreciate that you are doing something as part of the community.
  2. It gives you something to talk about – to all your customers, in social media and as an invite to connect there, be a part of it AND/OR to follow up with them afterward with photos.
  3. You can give – something to keep as a memory – or a coupon flyer to use afterward – these are people in the mood to support, cheer and adore you just because you took the time to be in a parade.

After the parade, we wander through the western art exhibit, eat the Catholic Parish Chicken Dinner and get our seats for the rodeo as the riders come in to warm up, which is a show all in itself!
Usually, it’s hot, dusty, filled with smells of cotton candy, popcorn and sweating animals and humans all celebrating the fact we are Americans, we are free to do, think, be and excel in any endeavor we choose.
What a wonderful day.
If you aren’t attending a parade, can you? And if you aren’t participating in one, why not put that on your marketing calendar for 2019?
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Shawna Schuh, CSP
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