Of Course I Listen!

“You never listen!” is a phrase you may have had someone say to you, or more likely, you’ve said to someone.

We want people to listen to us. We want to be heard, seen, understood. And yet, and yet – it doesn’t happen all that often. And maybe, usually, it’s because we want what we want – and rarely focus on what the other person wants.

And that is the secret of success.

To listen to people.

And here is the rub – we mostly would love to be listened to. If we are honest, if we are clear and true. We would love to be listened to, to be admired, to matter what else is happening – please listen to me!

So how to use this?

Stop selling – begin listening – and gently asking – and then listening to the answers and letting the other person know you are listening.

This will help you in two ways:

  1. People will respond and when they do, they will buy more.
  2. You will learn something – and if you are really listening, you may learn a lot! Which you can use to your advantage and serve your customers even more.

And for our incessant goal of being listened to?

When someone does – praise them lavishly. “Thank you for being a great listener!” – Or – “You are a wonderful listener! Thank you!”  

And then, they will keep listening and all things will be wonderful!

Listen up! Be a good listener and see what happens to your bottom line!

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