Are You Consistent As a Leader?

One of my team and I had a little misunderstanding. When we stopped to talk about it she said to me, “You are inconsistent sometimes.”

She is right. I am inconsistent sometimes.

I could probably say that I am consistently inconsistent but I think that would probably be some sort of grammatical inconsistency! Ha!

How can we become more consistent?

In my search about the traits most beneficial to a leader – consistency is one that is sought muchly and attained rarely. – And I think the reason is that we are such interesting beings, us humans.

In attempting to understand and decide how to become more consistent in my leadership, I am studying the leaders I most admire and one quote I uncovered and like is from Lincoln Chafee who said, “Trust is built with consistency.”

So that’s my call to action – to work on becoming more and more consistent! And I trust by having this goal I can attain it. What do you think?

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