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Leader Feature: David Blake, Blue-9

You will enjoy learning about David Blake of Blue-9 Pet Products. His company is experiencing explosive growth and he sells out of his project at nearly every show they attend. Watch and learn how he thinks and attracts good talent to work with him. Also check out his impressive product Klimb.

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Are your days long? Are your years short?

Not to alarm you, just to remind you that March is the last month in the first quarter. Why does that matter? It depends on how you plan or break down something large like a year or a life. As Gretchen Rubin says, “ The days are long but the years

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Are you living in the moment?

Where do you live from? Set your intention. Ask yourself: Do you live from the inside out or the outside in?  Which place seems most important?    A Favorite Mind-Setting Quote: “Every man is the painter and sculptor of his own life.” ~St. John Chrysostom   If you dig my

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Leader Feature: Lynnette SanMiguel, King Kanine

Lynnette is cool and willing to grow and share. Plus, don’t you love the name King Kanine? I know my canine believes he’s the king! Lynette has a good handle on leadership, and helping her team. Find out why she is successful, and a top woman in the pet industry.

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We’re at the Pet Expo in Florida this Week

As you read this, we are at the beginning of the Global Pet Expo. This is one of the premier events to feature pet products in America. Women in the Pet Industry Network is doing a Meet Up at the Retailer’s Breakfast this Thursday, February 27th @ 7:30 am. Are you going?   Click here to let us know.  One

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What if you trusted yourself?

What if you trusted yourself? Set your intention. Ask yourself: Do you know that you know far more than you know you know? Can you trust yourself more this week?   A Favorite Mind-Setting Quote: “The trust that we put in ourselves makes us feel trust in others.” ~Francois de

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Leader Feature: Joanne Morris, CKO, Morris Animal Inn

Joanne got roped into this short interview by her dad, ever have that happen? I’m so glad she did. Joanne is a lovely woman who is running a third-generation business, and shares a nugget we’ve not heard before. Click here to view it now. Not yet a member? Join today and

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Dog Lessons to Use…

We are six weeks in to the new year. How’s it going for you? One thing that keeps me going is my pup, Kingston. He’s a German Shepard, my first. I’m finding him to be smart, kind, comical and wonderful. So today I thought I would share a couple of

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Is your life an adventure?

Is your life an adventure? Set your intention. Ask yourself: Where does adventure live? How can you visit it this week?   A Favorite Mind-Setting Quote: “Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” ~Helen Keller, American author and educator who was blind and deaf (1880-1968)   If you dig

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Leader Feature: Jodi Ross, Pet Rescue RX

This week’s leader is doing something amazing for pets, and the people who love them. If your pets need meds, you will definitely enjoy what this innovative company is doing. Get them on your radar; you’ll be glad you did. Not yet a member? Join today and connect with successful

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Why Not Try a Purple Heart?

  I’m not a big fan of the color pink. It doesn’t go well with my skin tone, it’s very girly, and well, I don’t even need a reason to feel that pink is my least favorite color – so there you have it. I bring this up because this time

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Are you living your passion?

Are you living your passion? Set your intention. Ask yourself: What is your unrelenting passion for success? How can you experience it this week?   A Favorite Mind-Setting Quote: “As water, when transmuted into steam, becomes a new, more definite and wide-reaching power, so passion, when transmuted into intellectual and

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Leader Feature: Alisha Navarro, 2 Hounds Design

Gushing about someone I adore and admire is easy. Alisha Navarro is a superstar and reading about her will inspire you. You can feel her passion for her business in this profile. Do yourself a favor and read it. Not yet a member? Join today and connect with successful women

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The Value of Community

  Originally, today’s post was to let you know that we would be attending Global Pet Expo at the end of this month (which we will). However, that email accidentally went out last week. When Elaine realized her error, she sent out an oopsie email and the responses poured in.

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How is your journey going?

How is your journey going?  Set your intention. Ask yourself: Do you know where you are on your journey? Is that a good spot and are you enjoying it?   A Favorite Mind-Setting Quote: “The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same.Yet our

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Leader Feature: Sarah Goldberger, Lord Jameson

Sarah Goldberger speaks about how she has learned how to embrace the glow of uncertainty. Don’t you love that description? She’s deep and someone you will be inspired by! Not yet a member? Join today and connect with successful women like Sarah Goldberger. Become a member today. Let’s unite women leaders

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How is your energy level?

  “One of the important qualities that I think is often overlooked is just energy. It’s vitality, and sort of a life force that some people have and others don’t.” Doris Kearns Goodwin Energy is something that works. It surrounds us, we can feel it from others and our animals and even from

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How are your dreams?

  How are your dreams?  Set your intention. Ask yourself: Do you know how to dream with your eyes open? What does that look like for you? A Favorite Mind-Setting Quote: Our life is composed greatly from dreams, from the unconscious, and they must be brought into connection with action.

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