Building People who Build People

Life’s Essential Ingredients podcast, featuring Shawna Schuh November 23, 2021 Season 2 Episode # 2 Shawna Schuh coming from Gaston, Oregon You can find Shawna at or on Instagram @shawnaschuh Shawna has dedicated the last three decades of her life coaching leaders to up their game, gain clarity with communication, and evolve into mastery.  […]

A Lesson in Neuro-Linguistic Programming with Shawna Schuh

The Leadership and Learning Podcast, featuring Shawna Schuh November 4, 2021 In this episode of The Leadership and Learning Podcast, host Randy Goruk, has a conversation with subject matter expert, Shawna Schuh. The subject is Neuro-Linguistic Programming and how it applies to leadership. In this episode you will learn: What Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is. How […]

Stop Focusing on What You Don’t Like

The Thinking Effect podcast, featuring Shawna Schuh October 19, 2021 Shawna Schuh is an innovative thought-leader who can help you unpack the pesky problems you encounter when you lead people. With a curious mind, herself, and a Master’s Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Shawna is exceptionally skilled in the art of uncovering leadership blind spots and […]

Learning Leadership through Animal Care with Shawna Schuh

Let’s Talk Sales podcast, featuring Shawna Schuh October 18, 2021 Shawna is the founder of Schuh Biz Inc., providing information and tools for executives and high-performing salespeople to profit with and through people. She’s an expert in neuro-linguistic programming and is a prolific speaker, having given two TEDx talks. Shawna is based in Oregon. I hope you enjoy this […]

Leaders Ask Good Questions with Shawna Schuh

Winning Teams podcast, featuring Shawna Schuh October 13, 2021 As leaders we know that checking in and asking questions is important, but today’s guest shows us how our approach could be all wrong when engaging a team. In fact, checking in isn’t engaging at all, so what should we do instead? Today’s guest, Shawna Schuh […]

Helping Your Leadership Evolve To a Higher Potential with Shawna Schuh

Self Educated Entrepreneur Podcast, featuring Shawna Schuh October 7, 2021 Shawna Schuh, CSP helps leaders evolve into their higher potential. With over 3 decades of working with remarkable professionals, Shawna uses her expertise in leadership, business ownership, and life with animals to cut to the essence of how someone can shift their thinking for better […]

Asking the Right Questions, with Shawna Schuh

The Leadership Launchpad Project podcast, featuring Shawna Schuh September 6, 2021 On this week’s show, Shawna Schuh joins Susan Hobson & Rob Kalwarowsky to talk about how to ask the right questions to spark growth in your team, why leaders can’t have all the answers and Shawna gives us her top leadership tips. Special Offer! […]

Developing Your Skills As A Leader – with Shawna Schuh

Building Better Business with Catalyst Consulting podcast, featuring Shawna Schuh August 18, 2021 How To Become an Intentional Leader in Your Business – with Shawna Schuh What type of leader do you show up as in your business? Becoming a successful leader requires being intentional in the risks you take and the environment you create […]

Leadership Principles with Shawna Schuh- Episode 28

The Innovation Meets Leadership Podcast, featuring Shawna Schuh August 1, 2021 In this episode, Shawna Schuh and I cover groundbreaking leadership principles, how we can encourage critical thinking in leaders, and why we don’t need to have all the answers, we just need to ask the right questions. Shawna Schuh, CSP helps leaders evolve into […]

How to Overcome Team Division + Leadership Nuggets for Success

Grownlearn podcast featuring Shawna Schuh August 1, 2021 Shawna Schuh – Helping Leaders Evolve: Zorina Dimitrova – Create Success Through Business with Meaning. Trainings and consultations with Experts on: